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How can we benefit from Yoga and Meditation?

I think yoga and meditation to us is like the sun and rain to a seed. A plant needs the sun and water to grow, I believe we need yoga and meditation to allow us to grow.

Yoga is a moving meditation, exercising while syncing with our breath, moving the muscles in our body with awareness and care.

Meditation is a time to bring your attention towards your breathing, calming the mind.

Yoga posture / asana can be a gentle or a sweaty workout, it depends on the class you attend. Yoga offers many physical benefits such as improved balanced, strength, flexibility and relaxation.

Through yoga we can begin to understand our behaviours, gain awareness of thoughts and how our behaviours and thoughts affect our choices and in-turn our lives. Yoga can help with attention, creativity, imagination and problem solving.

Yoga can help unlock emotional awareness which can help with stress management anf=d anxiety. Yoga is a pathway that can offer clarity to our hearts and minds.

The breath guides you through poses as it carries you through life.

By practices Yoga and meditation we can bring awareness to our thought patterns, feelings and aspirations.

Yoga is a practice. The more we practice the better we feel, the better the poses feel. Life is also such a practice. We aren’t born knowing, we are learning through life.

Yoga is a great tool to use alongside pregnancy, birthing your baby and beyond by helping with aches and pains.

Yoga can be paired with life coaching to begin to plan and focus our dreams into achievable goals. Yoga correlates strongly with the principles of life coaching.

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