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What are the benefits of Mum and Baby Yoga?

Practising Mum and Baby Yoga helps the two of you bond.

It is a gentle post-natal class where babies are welcome, they include benefits of relieving achy muscles in mums body and can speed up recovery time. It is also a great opportunity to assist baby in developing their motor skills and is a fun trip out for baby, learning to enjoy the sounds and interactions of other babies. A bonus of taking your baby to a yoga class with you is it can help him or her fall asleep more easily and for longer due to stimulating his/her relaxation response!

A great benefit to new mums is that a mum and baby class provides a safe space to completely be with your baby and create a new network of friends to continue the support outside of class while getting a much needed stretch.

Post-Natal yoga should be started 6 weeks after a natural delivery and 10 weeks after a c-section.

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What is Pregnancy Yoga?

Exercise is very important in pregnancy, mums-to-be need to consider the various types of exercise to undertake, for example swimming, walking and yoga are highly recommended because of their benefits, where some other forms of exercise are advised against.

There are a number of benefits to practising Pregnancy Yoga while you have a little baby growing inside you. The aim of attending a pregnancy yoga class should not be to become more flexible but to maintain and increase strength.

Undertaking a specifically designed yoga class for pregnancy is more beneficial then heading to an open class or continuing with your regular class. This is due to the risks of over stretching which can cause long term damage due to the high levels of Relaxin in the body. A bespoke class for pregnant women will aim to strengthen her, increase stamina and focus on breath; all important elements for the birthing experience.

A Pregnancy Yoga class will stretch out achy muscles and release tension, especially in the lower back region, hips and shoulders and provides a safe space for mothers to rest and relax and meet other local like minded women.

Furthermore pregnancy yoga will help improve sleep patterns.

Pregnancy Yoga allows for quicker post natal recovery.

Yoga is a great tool to use alongside pregnancy, birth and beyond. Yoga during pregnancy gives mum a chance for some all important me time, allowing mum to relax and connect with baby. As well as assisting during birth and the sensation of birthing baby, helping mum relax and tune into her breath.

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